News of Note


1. “10 Sure Signs We’ve Lost Our Minds” – The Gospel Coalition’s Trevin Wax gives us ten sure signs that we have lost our minds as a society. (Kingdom People)

2. “Four responses to the coming persecution” – Jesse Johnson’s article on the coming persecution of Christians. A must read. (The Cripplegate)

3. “From Radical Lesbian to Redeemed Christian” – Tony Reinke’s article and audio interview of Rosaria Champagne Butterfield a former lesbian and radical left wing professor who is now a converted born again Christian. (Desiring God)

4. “You Must Be Born Again” – Keith Mathison on Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus and why regeneration precedes faith. (Ligonier Ministries)

5. “New York Hospital Ends Forced Abortion Participation Policy Following Investigation” – Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City ends its policy of forcing medical personnel to participate in abortion procedures after nurse files lawsuit against hospital. (Christian News)


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