News of Note


1. “MacArthur’s He-man Warrior Children” – Fred Butler answers a group of bloggers comments about the odd, curious, and archaic tribe known as “MacArthurites”. (Hip and Thigh)

2. “California Woman Sues Christian College After Being Fired For Fornication” – Woman sues San Diego Christian College after being fired from college for fornication in violation of their community covenant. (Christian News)

The following is Teri James and her lawyer Gloria Allred’s news conference about the lawsuit:

3. “How Many Christians Really Want to Abolish Abortion?” – Do Christians really want to end abortion? Tony gives us reasons why abortion is murder, and why many Christians may not really want abortion abolished. (Cross Encounters)

“It’s much easier to be “pro-life” when one can keep himself from thinking about what the abolition of abortion will mean to those who insist on murdering their children once abortion is outlawed. It’s much easier, cleaner, tidier to be “pro-life” when one can keep herself from considering the cause-and-effect reality that the end of abortion will mean the beginning of real, penal consequences for the crime of abortion. But Christians cannot truly enjoy their sweet “pro-life” cake without the bitter frosting of the criminalization of abortion and the judicial punishment of those who commit the crime.” – Tony Miano

4. “Pope Benedict XVI’s leaked documents show fractured Vatican full of rivalries” – Pope Benedict XVI’s leaked documents reveal a fractured Vatican. (Washington Post)

5. “Libya Arrests Four Suspected Christian Missionaries” – Four Christian missionaries are arrested in Libya for distibuting Christian material and proselytizing in the eastern city of Benghazi. Libya has been under the increasing control of Muslim fundamentalists. (Christian Post); the Guardian also has a report on the four Christian missionaries.

6. A Girl’s Message To All Christians – Below are two YouTube videos of a sad and confusing message and the follow up response to that message from a young woman who wants to convey these messages to all Christians. Her messsages focus on love as an emotion rather than true Christ-like, sacrificial, agape love which is described in Scripture. Agape love which doesn’t forsake the truth of God’s Word. If you want to learn the true gospel message, please read “The Story”. A link to “The Story” is also provided below:

The true gospel message:



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