News of Note


1. “The Gospel and Gronk: Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski & Boy Men” – Owen Strachan on the Patriots Rob Gronkowski and why he is a bad model for young men to emulate. (thoughtlife)

2. “Reporter Lara Logan brings ominous news from Middle East” – 60 Minutes reporter Lara Logan gives a report on the situation in the Middle East concerning the Taliban and al-Qaida. The news is not good. (Chicago Sun-Times)

3. “Russian Meteorite Explodes Over Rural Siberia, 500 Injured by Sonic Boom (VIDEO)” – Meteorite explodes in Siberia injuring 500. (The Christian Post)

4. “Belgium Says ‘No’ To Scientology, Country To Prosecute Church As ‘Criminal Organization’” – Belgium will now prosecute Scientology as a criminal organization after years of investigating the organization. (Radar)

5. “The Abundance of Giving” – What is the one thing that we should most look forward to when going to church? John MacArthur explains in this post. (Grace To You)


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