News of Note


1. “Why the Good News Turns Bad Without Adam” – Jonathan Parnell explains why the historical Adam is important to the Gospel. (Desiring God)

2. “British House of Commons Approves Gay Marriage” – British government approves gay marriage. (New York Times)

3. “Mark Driscoll Defends His Christian Brother Joel Osteen” – Ken Silva comments on Driscoll’s defense of criticisms made against Joel Osteen and calling Osteen his Christian brother. (Apprising Ministries)

4. “How can you not define that as a person?” – Denny Burk comments on CNN’s Erin Burnett’s declartion that an unborn child is a person. (

“Currently there are about 38 states that have fetal homicide laws on the books. In 23 of these states, such protections apply to the earliest stages of pregnancy. Pro-choicers know that the existence of these laws expose the moral bankruptcy of pro-abortion logic. They know that such laws will cause many people to come to the same conclusion the Erin Burnett (of CNN) did in this report. And that …is why they oppose these laws. They won’t countenance any measure that might curtail a woman’s right to kill her unborn child at any stage of pregnancy for any reason.

“Here’s the basic inconsistency that pro-choicers don’t want you to think about. In 38 states it’s illegal to kill an unborn child if the mother wants the child to live. Nevertheless, it remains legal in those very same states to kill the child through abortion if the mother wants the child to die. One child is treated as a person, and the other is not. And it all comes down to what the mother decides. These laws show that ultimately the will of the strong determines whether or not a whole class of human beings will be treated as persons.”

5. “Marks of a True Church: Exercise of Church Discipline” – What is one of the marks of a true Christian church? Church discipline. (Ligonier Ministries)

“Discipline promotes God’s holiness (Ezek. 36:16–21; 1 Cor. 5:1–5), protects the church from infection (1 Cor. 5:6; Heb. 12:15–16; 2 Tim. 2:14, 16–18), and restores the rebellious, making clear the seriousness of their resistance to Christ’s Word and church (1 Cor. 5:5; 2 Cor. 2:5–11; Heb. 3:12–13; 10:24–25; 12:11–16).” – Daniel Hyde

For more on the subject of church discipline and why it is important in maintaining a Christ-centered church, I highly recommend Jonathan Leeman’s book “Church Discipline – How the Church Protects the Name of Jesus” from 9Marks:


6. “You Deliver Hope” – Video spot from Children’s Hunger Fund showing one of their food pak boxes being delivered to a family living in a garbage dump in Guatemala.


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