News of Note


1. Master’s Seminary Announces New On-line Theological Resource Center – Master’s Seminary has pulled all resources from Master’s Seminary, Master’s College, Grace To You, and Grace Community Church to create a one stop theological on-line resource center. Video, audio, and written sermons and lectures from all these resources will be made available on this site. More audio and video lectures from the Master’s Serminary and Master’s College will be made available in the future. (The Master’s Seminary)

2. “Dr. Gerry Bershears Endorses Evangelical Polytheist Pastor John Mark Comer” – Ken Silva on evangelical pastor Gerry Breshears endorsing evangelical polytheist John Mark Comer of Solid Rock Church in Portland, Oregon. Comer is a proponent of creational monotheism which is an off shoot of Greg Boyd’s open theism. (Apprising Ministries); Erin Benziger reports more about Comer’s polytheistic views in her article “Seeker-Driven Pastor Brings Polytheism into the Mainstream”.

3. “The Value of a Tired Soul” – Is your soul tired from dealing with many ministry responsiblities or just life in general? Dave Dunham explains why a tired soul can be of great benefit to the beliver in Christ. (The Gospel Coalition)

4. “Truth?” – Mike Ratliff comments on Al Mohler’s recent podcast related to “abortion on demand”. (Possessing the Treasure)

5. “Learning to Be the Moral Minority from a Moral Minority” – Thabiti Anbywile’s thought provoking article on the decline of the moral majority, the coming persecution, and how evangelicals can learn to become the “moral minority” from emulating the black church. (Pure Church)

6. “Through The Eyes Of Spurgeon – A Documentary” – New Charles Spurgeon documentary project called “Through the Eyes of C.H. Spurgeon” is forth coming. Adrian Warnock describes the project in the following video:


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