News of Note

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1. “Predestination & Free Will?” – John Hedryx answers a question from a reader about free will and predestination as it relates to salvation. (Reformation Theology)

2. Two Articles from Christian News:

“Church Elder Threatened With Arrest for Sharing Faith in California Mall Files Suit” – Church elder files lawsuit after police threaten to arrest him for sharing his faith at a shopping mall.

“Vermont Senate Committee Unanimously Approves Assisted Suicide Bill” – Assisted suicide bill championed by Governor Peter Shumlin is approved by the Vermont senate committee.

3. “From Prison to the Pulpit: A Stunning Story of God’s Grace” – Testimony of Mez McConnell who was formerly homeless, abused, addicted, and a Christian despising criminal is now currently the senior pastor at Niddrie Community Church in Edinburgh, Scotland, and founder of 20 Schemes, a ministry dedicated to building gospel-centered churches for Scotland’s poorest communities (The Gospel Coalition):

Mez McConnell’s Testimony from 20 Schemes on Vimeo.

4. Articles by Ray Rhodes:

“Future Fruitfulness” – Ray on how to grow old fruitfully.

“Dr. Mohler and The Conviction to Lead” – Review of Al Mohler’s new book “The Conviction to Lead”. Includes story on Ray meeting a young Al Mohler.


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