Notable Quotable: “A Pastor’s First Priority Is To The Local Church” – Carl Trueman


“. . .One of the elements which the recent celebrity culture in American conservative evangelicalism has fostered is the unspoken conviction that the primary ministry of a church leader does not take place at local level but at large conferences, through ministries detached from ecclesiastical structures or even on websites. Conferences, specialist organisations and websites have their uses and are extremely helpful in many ways; but they should never be a priority for anyone. They are occasional tonics and supplements, an encouraging boost or a source of alternative opinion; they are not the real thing. One might say that real Christianity takes place at local level, through the ministry of properly constituted churches with biblical oversight and accountability. To give conferences, independent ‘ministries’ and websites decisive influence on anything theological or ecclesiastical is to hand over that which requires careful and clear biblical accountability to those things which have no clear lines of accountability at all. Eloquence, good writing skills and the ability to market oneself and one’s organisation with panache do not amount to what Paul describes as necessary for the preservation of the faith in the Pastoral Letters.” (Carl Trueman, “A Corrosive Culture?” , Reformation 21)


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