News of Note


1. “Fred Luter Jr. Interview” – The following is H.B. Charles’ sit down interview with new SBC president Fred Luter. (H.B. Charles)

2. “Boy Scouts close to ending ban on gay members, leaders” – MSNBC News reports that The Boy Scouts of America are reportedly ending their ban on gay membership which includes gay scout leaders. (MSNBC).

3. “What works (much) better than gun control?” – Clint Archer on South Africa, the consequences of gun control, and why God is still in contol. (The Cripplegate)

4. “Roman Catholicism, comparing Mary to God” – Matt Slick compares the differences between the Bible and Roman Catholicism’s view of Mary the mother of Jesus. Are they the same? (CARM)

5. “Calvary Chapel’s Tangled Web” – Disturbing story about two separate lawsuits against Calvary Chapel and Sovereign Grace Ministries involving allegations of child molestation. (The Daily Beast)


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