News of Note

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1. “American Christianity Vs. Biblical Christianity” – John Hendryx answers a question from a visitor by explaining the differences between American Christianity and Biblical Christianity (Reformation Theology).

2. “European Courts Rule Against Christians on Gay Marriage Issue” – Two articles from The Christian Institute related to European court rulings concerning the gay marriage issue:

“Daily Mail: Europe cases spell church gay marriage trouble” – The Christian Institute reports on the Daily Mail’s article regarding the European Courts rulings against two Christians. (The Christian Institute)

“Christian registrar loses European court case” – European Court rules against Christian registrar who lost her job because of her stance against gay marriage.

3. “Episcopal Gay-Affirming Pastor Chosen to Replace Louie Giglio for Obama Benediction” – Gay affirming pastor Rev. Dr. Luis León of St. James Church has been chosen to replace Louie Giglio at Barack Obama’s presidential inaugural. (The Christian Post)

4. “Ten Suggestions For My Unbelieving Friends” – R.C. Sproul, Jr. gives ten wise suggestions to his unbelieving friends. (Highlands Ministries)


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