Notable Quotable: “The Bible: The Most Pleasant Book in the World” – R.C. Chapman


“The book of God is a store of manna for God’s pilgrim children . . .The great cause of neglecting the Scriptures is not want of time, but want of heart, some idol taking the place of Christ. Satan has been marvelously wise to entice away God’s people from the Scripture. A child of God who neglects the Scriptures cannot make it his business to please the Lord of Glory; cannot make Him Lord of the conscience; ruler of the heart; the joy, portion, and treasure of the soul . . . If the Bible be used aright by anyone, it will be to him the most pleasant book in the world.” (Robert L. Petersen & Alexander Strauch quoting R.C. Chapman, “Agape Leadership – Lessons In Spiritual Leadership from the Life of R.C. Chapman”)


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