News of Note


1. Two excellent articles from Reformation 21’s Carl Trueman: Carl’s first article, “Adam and Eve and Pinch Me” , is on how our view of creation and evolution inevitably effects our view of complementarianism. Carl’s second article, “Chalke it up to experience!”, is on why British evangelical Steve Chalke’s acceptance of monogamous homosexual relationships in a Christian context isn’t surprising. (Reformation 21)

2. “3 Ways to Live With Joy” – Tim Challies gives us 3 ways to live with joy based on the Book of Ecclesiastes. (

3. “Jesus Culture is More Dangerous than bad politics” – The following is a YouTube video of Todd Friel and Phil Johnson’s conversation on why the Christian praise group, “Jesus Culture”, is more dangerous than bad politics.

4. “Pastor Giglio and the New Moral McCarthyism” – Tony Perkin’s of The Christian Post on Louie Giglio and the New Moral McCarthyism. (The Christian Post)


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