News of Note


1. Articles by Al Mohler and Russell Moore on Time Magazine’s article on the fortieth anniversary of Roe v. Wade:

“Losing Ever Since Roe? — TIME Sounds the Siren for Abortion Rights” – Al Mohler on Time Magazine’s article on the 40th anniversay of Roe v. Wade and why the U.S. is becoming more and more anti-abortion (

“Is the Pro-Life Cause Winning?” – Russell Moore asks, “Is the Pro-Life Cause Winning?” (The Christian Post).

2. “A Sad Tale of Feminism Gone to Seed” – Denny Burk on the consequences of living a feminist lifestyle as described by best selling author of “Prozac Nation” Elizabeth Wurtzel (

3. “An Invasion of Error -Review of When Heaven Invades Earth By Bill Johnson” – Bob Dewaay reviews Bill Johnson’s book “When Heaven Invades Earth”. Bill Johnson is the pastor of Bethel Church home of the praise group “Jesus Culture” (Apprising Ministries). In addition, here is a good critique from YouTube of “Jesus Culture” and its origins called “The “Jesus Culture” – a petri dish for growing young new heretics?”:

4. “Massachusetts Pastor Sued By Ugandan Homosexual Activist Group on Trial for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’” – Christian pastor is sued by Ugandan homosexual activist group for “crimes against humanity” because he spoke out against homosexuality while visiting Uganda (The Christian News).

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