News of Note


1. Articles on the Hobby Lobby v. Obamacare Abortion Pill Mandate issue:

“Christians ‘Stand With Hobby Lobby’ As Company Faces Fine of 1.3 Million Daily for Defying Obamacare” (Christian News)

“Hobby Lobby and the Beginning of the End” (Worldview Weekend)

2. “Jesus Culture and Judah Smith To Join (John) Piper, (Beth) Moore, (Francis) Chan and Others At Giglio’s Passion 2013” – Ken Silva on Jesus Culture and Judah Smith joining Louie Giglio, John Piper, Beth Moore,and Francis Chan at Passion 2013 Conference (Apprising Ministries). More from Ken Silva on the cult group “Jesus Culture”: “Louie Giglio, Passion 2013, and Jesus Culture”.

3. “Paedophilia: bringing dark desires to light” – Experts in Great Britain can no longer come to a consensus in determining whether paedophilia is wrong (Guardian U.K.).

4. “Thomas Case on Disciplining Your Children” – Excellent article from Puritan Thomas Case on disciplining your children (The Digital Puritan).

5. “What Not to Say to Those Who are Suffering” – Ed Welch on what not to say to those that are suffering (Christian Counseling and Education Foundation).


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