News of Note

New York Giants v Washington RedskinsG

1. “Leadership Lessons from RG3” – Denny Burk posts some leadership lessons from Washington Redskins rookie sensation quarterback Robert Griffin, III (

2. “Evil and the Purposes of God” – Joey Newton on God’s purpose for evil (The Cripplegate).

3. “How Not to Read Your Bible in 2013” – Heard a lot of the wise counsel being given about starting a Bible reading plan for the new year? Matt Smethurst gives us five reasons on how not to read your Bible in 2013 (The Gospel Coalition).

4. “The Top Seven Regrets of Pastors” – Thorn Ranier gives us the top seven regrets of pastors (The Christian Post).

5. Kindle Deals: John MacArthur’s “Found God’s Will” and R.C. Sproul’s book called “Abortion: A Rational Look at An Emotional Issue” are available for free. A.W. Pinks’ “The Ability of God” and “Our Accountability to God” are available for $1.99 for a limited time.


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