News of Note


1. “What Christians Can Learn from the Failed Mayan Apocalypse” – Russell Moore on what Christians can learn from the failed Mayan apocalypse (Moore To The Point).

2. “Maryland Megachurch Secedes From Sovereign Grace Ministries” – Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, MD leaves Sovereign Grace Ministries (The Christian Post).

3. “Hey Church Planter, Is that what you really want?” – Eric Raymond asks church planters, “Do you really want your church to grow?” (The Ordinary Pastor)

4. “See Terry Jones’ Inflammatory, 71-Minute Anti-Muhammad Movie Portraying the Prophet as a ‘Child Molester’ & ‘Assassin’” – Terry Jones releases YouTube documentary on Muhammad called “The Innocent Prophet” (The Blaze).

5. “Mom Changes Mind About Abortion After Newtown Shooting” – Incredible story about a mother who changes her mind about aborting her baby after the Newtown massacre (LifeSite News).


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