News of Note

Frank Pastore

1. “‘Bigger Than Life’ Christian Radio Personality Frank Pastore Dies” – Christian talk show personality and apologist Frank Pastore goes home to be with the Lord (The Christian Post).

“Frank was an enormous talent with a larger-than-life persona that you could not help but love. His very formidable training in theology, apologetics and philosophy helped make him great at what he did, yet that training was never, never held out as a badge of pride,” (Russell) Shubin said. “He was always approachable, always humble. He knew he was a recipient of God’s grace – and he wanted to share Christ’s redeeming work with others. That’s what he did, every day. And he did it so very well. He will be greatly missed.”

2. “Ravi Zacharias: Word Faith Preacher Joyce Meyer “Such A Great Bible Teacher” God Is Using” – Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias calls word faith heretic, Joyce Meyer, a great Bible teacher (Apprising Ministries).

3. “If I Were the Devil” – Classic audio commentary from legendary radio personality Paul Harvey (YouTube).

4. Book Deals

“Through the Eyes of C.H. Spurgeon: Quotes From A Reformed Baptist Preacher” – A book of quotes from Charles Spurgeon is now available for $2.99 for a limited time (Amazon).

“One Perfect Life” – Free offer from Grace To You for John MacArthur’s new book on the life of Christ “One Perfect Life”.


2 thoughts on “News of Note

  1. Ravi, are you getting squishy in your old age? I can no longer support your work when you endorse rebellion to God’s word. Repent please!

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