News of Note


1. “Where Can You Find the Best Prices for Books?” – Tim Challies does a price comparision of 4 online bookstores (Amazon, Monergism, Westminister Books, Christian Book Distributors) to find the best deal on Christian books.

2. “Is the Culture at War With Christmas?” – Russell Moore on the culture war with Christmas and also gives Christians some suggestions on how to handle it (The Christian Post).

3. “Lawsuits against churches ‘inevitable’ with gay ‘marriage’ law” – New gay marriage law which will be passed next week in Great Britain will inevitably cause lawsuits against churches says UK Independence Party (LifeSite News).

4. “A Few Things to Consider Before Supporting Gay Marriage” – Kevin DeYoung gives us some points to consider before supporting gay marriage (DeYoung, Restless and Reformed).

5. “Free e-book from A.W. Pink” – A.W. Pink’s “The Prophetic Parables of Matthew 13” is now available for download at the Monergism website.


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