News of Note


1. “Interview on the Puritans, Parts 1-2” – The Gospel Coalition’s interview with Mark Jones and Joel Beeke on the Puritans and their recently released book “A Puritan Theology”.

Interview on the Puritans, Part 1
Interview on the Puritans, Part 2

2. “7 Reasons America Has Not Been Reached for Christ” – Greg Stier explains why America has not been reached for Christ (The Christian Post)

3. “Two articles on Christmas from Gene Edward Veith” – The first is on Christmas not being based on a pagan holiday (“Why December 25?“), and the second article (“Slappy holiday“) is on the real Santa Claus or St. Nicholas.

4. “A Dangerous Christmas?” – Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly claims that Christianity is a philosophy and not a religion. Dr. Michael Horton comments on O’Reilly’s claim (Out of the Horse’s Mouth).

5. “The Impending Reality of the Nationwide Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage” – Is the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision for gay marriage inevitable? (The Aquila Report)

6. “Out of tune with the Kirk, a defiant departure hymn” – Report on St. George’s Tron Church’s last worship service due to Church of Scotland’s evicting the congregation because of Church of Scotland’s policy of ordaining homosexual pastors. (The Herald Scotland)


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