News of Note


1. “When It Costs To Be Complementarian” – Denny Burk’s post on the World Magazine article on Daniel Harman losing his ministry postion in Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) because of his complementarian view.

2. “Republican Pennsylvania State Representative Comes Out as ‘Gay Christian’” – Republican representative in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania comes out as Gay Christian (Christian News).

3. “Focus on the Family ‘hiding behind compromise’” – Has Focus on the Family compromised on its position on gay marriage due to this years election results? (World Net Daily)

4. “A Year of Living Gay” – Denny Burk’s comments on professing Christian who lies about being a homosexual to write a book about his experiences with the homosexual community.

5. “HUGE $1.99 Shepherd Press Sale” – Paul and David Tripp e-books along with other Shepherd Press authors’ books are still on sale for $1.99 (Gospel e-books).


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